FierceHeart Therapeutics operates within Fierce Studio, which was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Ari and Lindsay Knazan. They wanted to create an atmosphere that was in line with their vision to build a powerful community rich in practice, tradition, fun, friendship and growth.  The mission of Fierce Studio is one that cultivates excellent martial artists and yogis, but more importantly, GREAT people; People who are committed to their own personal growth and interested in bringing those nearby along for the ride!





Although Ari and Lindsay were both teaching prior to 2010, their decision to combine forces and create Fierce Studio was to provide Victoria with a unique multi-modality training experience. The current space housing both Fierce and FierceHeart Studios is located at #5-770 Bay Street. A brand new location with a space completely redesigned as of 2016, we have  transformed it into a 2100 sq foot space of excellence. It is a bright, clean and welcoming place for both local residences and visitors.


Fierce provides a variety of martial art and self-defense programs for Women (Women's only), children (ages 4-8 and 9-13) and adults. To learn more about Fierce Martial Arts offerings, please click here.


FierceHeart Therapeutics was born out of the students and community of people in our Fierce family network, combined with the heart of yoga and healing. Lindsay Knazan has been working to build a therapeutic component into our programming at Fierce for 5 years and as a result, FierceHeart was born!


FierceHeart's therapeutic model combines optimal movement patterns and biomechanics (for breath and body) with mindfulness and an ever evolving awareness. It is this blend of working with the whole body, the whole person, that provokes much healing, pain reduction and newfound strength to emerge.


Yoga Therapy is the lifeblood of FierceHeart, encompassing both group and private offerings for all ages and abilities. With programs in Therapeutic, Restorative and Hatha Yoga as well as Tai Chi and Meditation, we surely have a modality which will support you on your path.


FierceHeart Mission

To help people wake up to their habitual patterns through the power of supportive movement and inquiry to restore health, resilience and connection.


Who do we serve?

For those of you who are ready to be seen as you are, rather than how you think you should be, and for those who feel that yoga just isn't for them.










"FierceHeart Yoga Therapeutics was born out of my sincere passion to help people. I have had profound experiences with my own healing journey and yoga practice and I am excited to share my insights to support you on your path in recovery, establishing relaxation, or revitalisation. It is my mission to cultivate opportunities for all beings to feel as healthy, liberated and vital as possible in this lifetime, and to be able to feel and belong in our bodies wholeheartedly. I believe we all have a Fierce Heart burning inside of us: a heart that is full with our greatest truth, purpose and being." ~Lindsay Knazan

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5-770 Bay Street, Victoria BC 250-590-5065

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