10 Steps Toward Freedom:

An Immersive Self-Inquiry Course

10 Steps Towards Freedom:

An Immersive Self-Inquiry Course

~Dive in and explore the Life Principles of Yoga for personal growth~


We all have stories that unconsciously run our lives and shape our every action: decisions, judgments, beliefs and choices. These stories come from our past experiences, challenges, and memories. It is thought that the root of all unnecessary suffering is held within these repeated behaviours. In yoga, habits or patterns of behaviour that are learned from past experiences are called samskaras.  This unique ten-step immersion course offers an opportunity to shift these patterns/samskaras: to become aware of ourselves in an entirely new way, to choose to grow into new habits and to redirect our focus and purpose to what’s true and valuable in our lives. But how do we actually DO that?


In yogic practice, there are ten ethical principles called the Yamas & the Niyamas, and these are the lifeblood of a yoga practice that’s lived off the mat. A committed study of these principles combined with awareness brings our spiritual practice into real life and daily action in a potent way. These core practices provide a lens with which to see ourselves more clearly, shining the light of awareness on what most helps us thrive, while also illuminating patterns and habits that cause suffering.


These ten steps offer guidance towards living a whole-hearted and embodied life. Through studying one principle a month in our program, you will uncover stories and beliefs about yourself and the world that were previously below your level of awareness. You get to shine a light on the shadowy parts at a pace and depth that is comfortable for you, while integrating these lessons into your daily life. Graduates of the program have shared some of their personal outcomes to be: new or reframed perspectives, beliefs and values, increased self-care, self-compassion, self-love, and deep connections with other seekers along the journey. It is a fruitful opportunity for a person who is deeply invested in a spiritual life but also for anyone who is simply curious and looking to discover more joy, freedom and fulfillment in day-to-day life. The results are tangible and transformational for all who are willing to deepen and grow with the support of these steps.


This program is a fit for you if you are interested in:

  • Developing self-awareness in a safe, non-judgmental environment

  • Taking responsibility for your life and your choices

  • Cultivating clarity for living a life with purpose

  • Opening to love, honesty, authenticity and realness

  • Cultivating and trusting your inner wisdom

  • Realizing self-acceptance and self-compassion

  • Reducing pain and tension, physical, emotional, cognitive

  • Developing skills in courage, compassion, connection & gratitude

  • Growing within community


Each month, we will work through one of the life principles, diving into daily practices that cultivate awareness around embodying and integrating that principle into our lives. We will have weekly reflective work, mantra, mudras, breathing and meditation practices that will support personal inquiry and self-discovery, as well as monthly classroom sessions for processing, greater connection and Q&A. The course is exclusively held online due to COVID19, and in addition to the monthly classroom sessions there will be three workshops that provide an opportunity for deeper learning and practice, as well as cultivating trust amongst the group. Classroom sessions and workshops will occur throughout the course as touch points to maintain connection, commitment and growth for each individual and the community as a whole.


Leslie and Lindsay have been committed to this practice for over seven years and it has been the most self-affirming of any practice either has ever embarked upon in their collective thirty years of yoga experience. They are deeply committed to holding a nurturing and safe space for self-discovery and would be honoured to support you on your journey.


This is a program where you will see yourself as you really are, not as who you think you should be.  There are no pre-requisites beyond a curiosity to deepen your relationship with yourself, your life and the world in which you live.

Your Facilitators:

Leslie Rose & Lindsay Knazan

Lindsay & Leslie have been on this journey together in yoga for many years, sharing their devotion for taking yoga off the mat and into the world. They are committed to incorporating these precepts into their day to day living, with awareness and reflection as a daily practice. They are beyond passionate about sharing this way of being with others, and they are privileged to offer loving support and gentle encouragement towards self-responsibility, self-awareness and self-regulation.

This is an Online Course Format

Course Dates:

January 3rd, 2021 - October 30th, 2021

Workshop Sessions:

'Workshop & Welcome #1- Sunday Jan 3rd, 2021 11am-1pm

'Workshop & Deepening #2 Sunday May 30th, 2021 11am-2pm

'Workshop & Graduation #3 Satuday Oct 30th, 2021 11am-2pm

Monthly Classroom Sessions:

February, March, April, June, July, August & September: Dates TBD upon course commencement (One hour sessions, these are encouraged but optional to attend,)


Supplies Required:

The Yamas and Niyamas book by Deborah Adele (This is available for purchase through FierceHeart Studio directly.)


Early bird: $1200+gst (before December 15th, 2020)

Regular: $1400+gst (after December 15th, 2020)

Loyalty rate: $1000+gst (for previous graduates- please email us for direct link to sign up. Available before December 15th, 2020 only.)

Payment plans are available (early bird rate does not apply for payment plans): $400 due upon sign up to secure spot, and remaining balance due on or before January 3rd, 2021.

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