Yoga for Arthritis Workshop

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If you have pain or limited mobility due to your arthritis or auto-immune condition, then this is the workshop for you. This is NOT your typical yoga class in any way, and this workshop is specifically created for those who feel that yoga just isn't a possibility for them.


This class is for you if you have a desire to participate in movement in a way that supports rather than aggravates your condition. You will receive tools to manage inflammation, reduce pain and unwind stress. You will learn how self-care and awareness are crucial in managing pain and supporting healing. Chairs and appropriate props will be available to accommodate varying levels of mobility.

Join us and take back your body from arthritis. You are NOT your condition. With kind awareness and a willingness to try, it is possible to reduce your pain, to feel more at ease, and to live a life you love. 

What will you receive from this workshop?

  • a reduction in pain/tension, and an increase in mobility

  • new tools to support managing your pain and flare ups

  • heightened awareness of how to move to support ease and reduce pain

  • greater stability and balance; reduced compression of joints

  • increased mindfulness, support & connection with others who 'get it'

  • a greater understanding of why moving, and moving ‘well’ is so important for those with arthritis

Your Facilitator:

Lindsay Knazan is a certified Yoga Therapist who has Ankylosing Spondylitis. As someone who lives with arthritis daily and has experienced the results of yoga in supporting her healing and health, Lindsay is able to hold space with sensitivity and understanding for those who are suffering with this silent disease.

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