Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Intensive - July 10-26th, 2020


This 200 hour training is a power packed intensive that will wake you up, shake you up, and raise you up to be sure.

We are a Yoga Alliance Approved and Accredited program, but the uniqueness of what we offer is not to be underestimated.


Lindsay Knazan & Jamie Mathiasen are a force together. They are fierce, wild and authentic warriors who are passionate about supporting and pioneering the evolution of Yoga, awakening community from love, truth and integrity, and dismantling harmful and archaic cultural systems that keep us trapped. Freedom is the name of the game for us and this summer, we are joining forces to bring our uniquely powerful Yoga Teacher Training Program to Victoria. This is an ongoing collaboration between FierceHeart Yoga Therapeutics and the Canadian Institute of Therapeutic Yoga.

Join us for our Info Session, Thursday, May 21st at 7pm

Come learn more, ask questions and meet Lindsay & Jamie

If you know us (Jamie and Lindsay) then you know that we are about raising people up to live a life that feels exactly like who you are. We are about supporting divine alignment, and that has nothing to do with how you line up your heels in Warrior 1. Our training is not about the poses, although you will learn asana to be sure, but rather, it is about how you ‘BE’ in your life, how you are seeing people and allowing yourself to be seen, and ultimately, inviting an exploration of choice and action birthed from authentic presence.

If you want to sit in your authenticity on the regular, and you are passionate about mindfulness, spirituality and yoga as a way of life, then this YTT will offer you a precious gift.

A tribe based training opportunity where you find a depth of comfort in who YOU are, and a place to land in yourself that is confident, trusting and intuitive, these are some of the fruits that our graduates have found.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to awaken people to the power of ‘integral being’, to support people in actualizing wisdom from their own intuition through engaging with yoga (and life), all from a place of presence and truth.

We contemplate and apply all 8 limbs of the classical yogic practice, digging into movement study from a place of ease, strength, and sustainability, while journeying deeply into spiritual and philosophical reflection to unravel the myriad of hiding places we have set up for ourselves. We also weave in ritual, ceremony, art, dance, song, service and cultural awareness to name some other areas we steep into during the training.

Most of all, we GET REAL in this training. We commit to removing the veils and pretenses and we show up AS WE ARE. We prioritize Living Our Yoga as a primary tenet, which means that it is not prescriptive and we aren't going to hand you a list of postures and functional movements then simply send you on your way. It is integrative, explorative, and invites you to open to curiosity and questioning instead of clinging to a set of beliefs or cues.

The truth is, is that Yoga is evolving, and to move with this reality requires reverence, openness and acceptance. Yoga poses are a part of developing these skills, but the rest of Yoga lies beyond the Asanas, and raising our consciousness lives in these practices. Our YTT Program is a pioneer in this Yoga evolution, and we bring it forth with intentions to revolutionize our culture through raising up Yoga Teachers to be more than movement junkies. Shifting our current cultural values upholding dominance, patriarchy, fitness, thinness, and arrogant positivity to ones upholding truth, freedom, inclusivity, ethics, natural expression, and integrity is our BIG VISION.


Core Outcomes of Our Training:

* The ability to lead organic, heart led, sustainable, safe, effective, progressive and functional yoga classes to large or small groups.

*Clarity on what a sacred container of presence looks and feels like, and the transformative power of cultivating that in every yoga class you teach.

* A non hierarchical study environment where the group and teachers alike contribute to the growth and learning for all through shared experience, shared responsibility and shared vulnerability.

* Illumination is a core outcome from our trainings, shining light into the shadow places which imprison us from being real and living in integrity with ourselves and others.

* An understanding and ability to connect with all 8 limbs of yoga through direct, accessible study and practice with immense support and accountability to showing up for yourself and your fellow learners.

* Living in awareness moment to moment comes from this work. Waking up to habits that help or hinder access to our true Self, and tools to deconstruct and alchemize troublesome patterns.

* Capacity to be real and have the courage to be present in the not-knowing and to hold space for your authentic realness to boldly be lived day to day, on the mat and off.

* Trust in your intuitive nature and skills. ‘Knowing’ that is owned by trust comes from a deeper place than the cognitive mind. You will learn to know through being, and learn to see from this place and make decisions in alignment with this realness.

* Direction for your teaching path, with education and awareness of inclusivity, business building, ethics, reverence for yoga, and niching.

* Initiation into the sacredness of ritual and ceremony. You will grow a tribe for life where love and truth are the highest vows and presence is the gift you receive and offer each other.

Our Hope for Graduates...

What we hope for our graduates is that they achieve a state of ease in themselves through our training. A place to land in who they truly feel themselves to be, without the mask or persona keeping them hidden.

We hope that they choose vulnerability and curiosity as their greatest allies in supporting and honoring their students, because students will only open and grow relative to their teacher’s willingness to open and be present. Through this skill of being open and seeing clearly, we hope our graduates will share and support others towards this place of ease, self trust and curiosity so that together we raise our collective consciousness, one yoga practice at a time.

Most of all, we hope for healing, love and leadership to emerge for each graduate in their own authentic way with their own language and expression. It is our hope that each graduate steps toward this continued healing and a greater boldness in leading their own communities towards freedom and truth.


More Information...



The program commences on Friday, July 10th 6-9pm

July 11-25th 7am-6pm(ish) w/ a 90 min lunch (subject to change)

July 26th half-day +Graduation


Early Bird Investment (before May 31st): $2995.00

After May 31st: $3295.00


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