"Lindsay is a powerful mentor and teacher. She has been an integral part of my success over the last few years in my very busy and fast growing yoga career. She has a way of seeing me and the context of my life in a way that supports my growth and spiritual well being. She does not show up by telling you what to do or what to think, her gift lies in the solid way she holds space for you to find your own way. When I lose my step in my career and life she is the foundation and mentor I seek first. Her ability to see makes her a rare find in a world that is often going too fast to notice. She accomplishes this with grace and steadiness and it has been a priceless offering that I will continue to be grateful for. I owe much of my success and joy to the support of this amazing mentor."

~Jamie Mathiasen E-RYT 500, 200 hour Teacher Training Facilitator and Yoga Therapist

"This is the first group workshop/therapy session I've attended. I loved it. I have spent a lot of time and resources studying my condition, diet, etc for a cure only to be disappointed. I had an a ha moment at your session... Maybe I don't get a cure. It is a lifelong struggle. I can still feel hopeful without being obsessed with remission.


Anyways, I really enjoyed your tone and words of wisdom.  The way you expressed yourself in the session felt very supporting and enlightening. And being around like individuals something I need to do more often. 


I will definitely be coming to these in the future."

~Amethyst, participant in a Yoga for Arthritis Workshop in 2017

Karen and I were chatting yesterday about how amazing you are Lindsay. And of course Karen put it into the perfect words because that's what she does:


I said: "so seriously, isn't Lindsay the most amazing person ever? I go in there full of pain and it's gone when I leave."


Karen's response was poetic - one of the million reasons why I love her:

"Yah me too! She is truly remarkable...and so much of it is just about who she is. Intuitive, wise, patient and loving."

~Patty & Karen

"You have been instrumental in shifting the way I relate to, and think about, my body. Your kindness, honesty and total acceptance was key to helping me move into a new way of being.  I have experienced the sleep benefits and calmness that comes with regular practice. I have experienced what happens when I don’t practice regularly and it sucks! I am very grateful to have met and worked with you!"

~Cathy Parker

"I just want to mention once again, how beneficial YOGA THERAPEUTICS has been for me.

Last night in class, we looked at the foundations of plank, and I had a very big AHA on how I push my body to the point of breaking.

Being with Lindsay gives me the ability to perceive and feel how I use my body and why it hurts me so damn much!

Consequently, I am also invited to observe how my mind reacts to it all.

This practice for me is not simply about health, slowing down and meditation, it's about EXCELLENCE without injury."

~J Boyd

"Hi Lindsay,

Thank you for the terrific workshop May 28. I enjoyed it very much, and feel like I benefited from it, just as I did from the first workshop I attended several months ago.

One of the things I appreciate about your workshops is the small size of the studio:  it creates the feeling of a safe haven, a protected space in which to listen, learn and explore. Being with a group of women who have similar lifestyle limiting health issues (yet are leading wonderful lives) is also very encouraging. Your method of teaching, and speaking, is very supportive and much appreciated.


I also love the thoughtful gifts you leave for us: tea, candles, chocolate, incense. I am especially enjoying the bottle of coconut oil and de-stressing essential oil drops.

Looking forward to hearing about future workshops, and any ongoing classes which you may start in the fall."

~Sharon H.- Returning participant to a Yoga for Arthritis Workshop in 2017

"I feel I am a little spoiled by getting you all to myself whenever I come for therapy and so I was amazed that during the workshop you were able to create that same feeling even though there were five of us there.  Each with our own needs, own aches and pains and own journey of recovery.  The entire time I felt like I was in a cushion of safety (which is how I feel in my one on ones with you).  I was surprised when the time had come to an end, but we had our special goodies to take home with us to remember to care for ourselves.  You are so very good at what you do.  Thank you for being here to help me with my journey through teaching my body to move again and feel well again."

~Charmaine Partington

"I'm so happy to highly recommend both you and your nurturing and gentle approach, which is so loving and empowering; as well as such a supportive class environment which honoured each of our journeys. It was such a blessing for me and I hope that it could do the same for many others!


It was really nice to see people respond so happily while we were in the class. This is a testament to your teaching style and good nature! It's really hard sometimes to help people understand how isolating our conditions can make our lives. It's wonderful to be surrounded by people who also understand, but have also been able to make positive changes in their own lives and see improvement. Your baby step approach is so much more inviting than typical yoga classes, for me. It's hard to get some instructors to understand my limitations...and how they can vary day-to-day. Even the concept of visualization only, if that's all you can do, but to still feel proud of that too! It's a very hopeful program!"


~Leanne Stonehouse- Participant in a Yoga For Arthritis Workshop in 2016


"Lindsay, thank you for your patience, wisdom, heart and humour. And everything else!"

~Karen P.

"Thanks so much, Lindsay. You have been a real source of light and relaxation in my life. You are an inspiring woman who is definitely making a difference in the world!

Also, wanted to say thanks so much to you for the beautiful caring space you provide. It has really meant a lot to me to be a part of the community.

You have a pretty special thing at Fierce!"

~Jennifer Erickson

"I came to Lindsay for support in identifying the root causes of chronic pain I had been experiencing in my hip.  My injury had greatly been compromising my mobility, and the traditional treatments I had been receiving seemed only to suppress the pain for a short period, only for it to return.  I knew that Lindsay's approach with yoga therapy would provide a thorough analysis of not only the mechanics of my body, but how the daily uses and habits I employed my body for could be contributing to my pain.  I knew that I needed not only a solution to my physical concerns, but also a way to move forward that would allow me to adopt methods of self-care.  I tended to fall in the "fast-paced" spectrum of daily living, and was seeking to go beyond a "quick-fix", as I really wanted to understand my body so that I could nurture its longevity in response to a chronic issue.  Lindsay was clear and honest about our treatment approach from the beginning, as we would move from discovering the current barriers in my mobility to identifying and teaching the best combination of movements to strengthen the areas in my body that were weaker.  Through Lindsay, I developed a patience with myself in performing exercises that demanded an awareness of areas of activation and engagement that I was not even aware had been my defaults.  With the support of yoga therapy, I have been able to recognize the complexities of our bodies and how mine was giving way under too much stress.  I am now able to recognize when I am not taking the time to allow my body to heal, and provide myself the space in my daily activities for self-care.  I learned that slowing down did not have to equate to losing strength and thus compromising my ability to perform, but rather, was giving myself permission to rest in order for my body to build back stronger and without injury.  My journey of healing with yoga therapy has been one that began with a focus on one particular part of my body, but offered me a way to practice self-awareness and gentleness towards my whole body and self.  Lindsay is beyond supportive in her practice, and takes the time to understand not only the primary concerns that her client brings, but the underlying concerns that have yet to be discovered."

~Katrina Laquian- Athlete, Personal Trainer & Group exercise Instructor

"I had a HUGE breakthrough yesterday during yoga practice. It related to being GROUNDED. I know for a fact that it stems for the few classes I have had with Lindsay Knazan.

Lindsay and I have been discussing the foundations of yoga in the west, psychology, our training habits and how it informs our daily life. I am ever so grateful to have a friend who has taken the time to stop and smell the roses, but is also very engaged in her community.

What I love about practicing with Lindsay is that she genuinely loves to explore with us, and she happens to enjoy sharing her knowledge and caring for others. She is VERY generous. I can relate to her as a woman, as a mother and educator.

What practicing at Fierce Yoga Studio has done for me so far, is to provide a space in which I feel safe to LAND and relax into the experience of my insane life. It's time to look at everything that no longer serves me.

Personally, I am exploring BALANCE from the point of view of letting go of tension through SURRENDER, as opposed to exercising and draining my physical energy in order to achieve PEACE. So far, the main thing training, tension and exhaustion have provided me with are injuries. And since I actually love living pain free, I committed to relating to my body in a new way. Coincidentally, it has affected my way to BE in general...

Anyway, if you would like to try something new with a beautiful, brilliant and highly qualified yoga teacher, please consider my sistar Lindsay.

P.S. Not only am I not paid to say this, or in some painful jujitsu hold from Ari to squeeze it out of me, but it's the first thing on my mind as I wake up to pain free movement at 6am."


~J Boyd

"I have been loving yoga therapy with Lindsay for approximately 2 years and in that time have had private sessions with her as well as consistently attended group classes.  For many years I have had neck, back and shoulder ‘flare-ups’ which would require numerous chiropractic visits (over the course of a month or more) to get resolution of my symptoms.  Since working with Lindsay I have not been to a chiropractor in over 2 years! Lindsay has taught me movements/exercises which reduce and eliminate my pain and when I feel an onset of symptoms, I can now do movement on my own and resolve my own issues.  It’s amazing! I also know that attending her classes on an ongoing basis provide me with an ‘ongoing maintenance program’ - I feel the healthiest and most pain free that I have ever felt in my life!! Lindsay’s beautiful spirit and her desire to heal and teach pure movement have been an amazing blessing to me."

~Grace Steinacker

"Lindsay Knazan has taught me how to walk, breathe, move, and understand the connections within my body. Her yogic, psychological, and behavioural approach to therapy has been the most effective remedy to several years of chronic neuropathic pain and limited motion. Thank you, Lindsay."


~Heather K.

"Yoga therapy has been a very good journey for me. And it has a lot to do with trust and confidence in the way you are and have led me <Lindsay>. Recently I feel like I have been stepping back into the light. So thank you for helping me. I look forward to the 2015 journey."


~Margaret Martens

"Hi Lindsay. Please count me in for the next session. I am going to speak to a friend who I think would benefit as well.

FYI, after last Thursday’s class I had the most amazing sleep. Sleep has been an ongoing problem for me for the last several years so I can’t tell you how thrilled I am when I have a good night.


I’m working on my meditation and Om-Shanti-Om mantra daily and doing well with it. Breath control is better. I also noticed my anxiety level goes down afterward.


Thank you for your gentle approach and wisdom."


-Shelley K.

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