Yoga for Arthritis Workshop

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If you have pain or limited mobility due to your arthritis condition, then this is the workshop for you! This is NOT your typical yoga class, and this workshop is specifically created for those who struggle with inflammation or arthritic conditions (this may also include: Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease and other auto-immune diseases that trigger chronic inflammation).


If you have a desire to participate in a yoga/movement class that supports rather than aggravates your condition, this is your opportunity. You will learn tools to manage and reduce pain, inflammation and stress using a combination of breath, movement, stillness, mindful engagement and awareness. You will learn how self-care is a crucial piece to managing pain and supporting your healing. Props, chairs and appropriate support will be available to accommodate varying levels of mobility for this session.


Join us and take back your body from arthritis. You are NOT your condition. With kind awareness and a willingness to try, it is possible to reduce your pain, to feel more at ease, and to live a life you love.  This workshop is open to those brand new to yoga or those with experience: all are welcome.

What will you receive from this workshop?

  • a reduction in pain/tension, and an increase in mobility

  • new tools to support managing your pain and flare ups

  • greater awareness of how you move/cultivate new movement patterns

  • improved sense of space, stability and balance; reduced compression of joints

  • increased mindfulness and connection with others in your community

  • an understanding of why moving, and moving ‘well’ is so important for those with arthritis


Your Facilitator:

Lindsay Knazan is a certified Yoga Therapist who has Ankylosing Spondilitis. As someone who lives with arthritis daily and has experienced the results of yoga in supporting her healing and health, Lindsay is able to hold space with sensitivity and understanding for those who are suffering with this silent disease.

What people are saying about this workshop...

"This is the first group workshop/therapy session I've attended. I loved it. I have spent a lot of time and resources studying my condition, diet, etc for a cure only to be disappointed. I had an a ha moment at your session... Maybe I don't get a cure. It is a lifelong struggle. I can still feel hopeful without being obsessed with remission.


Anyways, I really enjoyed your tone and words of wisdom.  The way you expressed yourself in the session felt very supporting and enlightening. And being around like individuals something I need to do more often. 


I will definitely be coming to these in the future."



"Thank you for the terrific workshop May 28. I enjoyed it very much, and feel like I benefited from it, just as I did from the first workshop I attended several months ago.

One of the things I appreciate about your workshops is the small size of the studio:  it creates the feeling of a safe haven, a protected space in which to listen, learn and explore. Being with a group of women who have similar lifestyle limiting health issues (yet are leading wonderful lives) is also very encouraging. Your method of teaching, and speaking, is very supportive and much appreciated.


I also love the thoughtful gifts you leave for us:   tea, candles, chocolate, incense. I am especially enjoying the bottle of coconut oil and de-stressing essential oil drops."

~Sharon H.- Returning participant



"I feel I am a little spoiled by getting you all to myself whenever I come for therapy and so I was amazed that during the workshop you were able to create that same feeling even though there were five of us there.  Each with our own needs, own aches and pains and own journey of recovery.  The entire time I felt like I was in a cushion of safety (which is how I feel in my one on ones with you).  I was surprised when the time had come to an end, but we had our special goodies to take home with us to remember to care for ourselves.  You are so very good at what you do.  Thank you for being here to help me with my journey through teaching my body to move again and feel well again."


~Charmaine Partington


"I'm so happy to highly recommend both you (Lindsay) and your nurturing and gentle approach, which is so loving and empowering; as well as such a supportive class environment which honoured each of our journeys. It was such a blessing for me and I hope that it could do the same for many others!


It was really nice to see people respond so happily while we were in the class. This is a testament to your teaching style and good nature! It's really hard sometimes to help people understand how isolating our conditions can make our lives. It's wonderful to be surrounded by people who also understand, but have also been able to make positive changes in their own lives and see improvement. Your baby step approach is so much more inviting than typical yoga classes, for me. It's hard to get some instructors to understand my limitations...and how they can vary day-to-day. Even the concept of visualization only, if that's all you can do, but to still feel proud of that too! It's a very hopeful program!"


~Leanne Stonehouse

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